This is a glossary for kyudo terms used in the Tsurune series.

A-G Edit

  • Azuchi (垜 or 安土 ?) - The mound on which targets are placed.
  • Giriko (ギリ粉?) - A type of resin powder applied to the thumb and holding finger to assist in the grip during the pull.
  • Giriko-ire (ギリ粉入れ?) - A recipient for giriko.

H-N Edit

  • Hakama (?) - A pantskirt.
  • Hayake (早気?) - The act of releasing an arrow before "kai", contrary to one's own will. A serious illness in kyudo.
  • Kaichu (皆中, Kaichuu?) - Hitting all of one's arrows on the target.
  • Keikogi (稽古着, Keikogi?) - A short sleeves top tied with a cord on its side.
  • Kyudojo (弓道場, Kyuudoujou?) - The place where kyudo is performed.
  • Makiwara (巻藁?) - a straw bale used as a target during practice.
  • Mato (?) - The target used in kyudo.

O-T Edit

  • Obi (?) - A belt to hold the keikogi together.
  • Ochi (落ち?) - The last archer to shoot in a tachi.
  • Omae (大前, Omae?) - The first archer to shoot in a tachi.
  • Shaho Hassetsu (射法八節, Shahou Hassetsu?) - The Eight Stages of Shooting. The process of shooting one arrow, in order: "ashibumi", "dozukuri", "yugamae", "uchiokoshi", "hikiwake", "kai", "hanare", and "zanshin".
  • Shajo (射場, Shajou?) - The shooting hall in a kyudojo.
  • Shitagi (下着?) - An undershirt.
  • Shitagake (下がけ?) - The underglove worn with the "yugake". It's typically made of cotton or synthetic cloth.
  • Tabi (足袋?) - A white sock with separate toes.
  • Tachi (?) - A group of archers shooting, usually five.
  • Taihai (体配?) - The basic postures, movements, and etiquette.
  • Tenouchi (手の内?) - The grip of the hand on the bow.
  • Tsuru (?) - A bowstring.
  • Tsurumaki (弦巻?) - A bowstring roll.
  • Tsurune (弦音?) - A sound made when the bowstring hits the bow when shooting an arrow. It is susceptible to the weather and the psychological state of the archer, so even if the same person uses the same bow, the same sound is not always created.

U-Z Edit

  • Ya (?) - The arrows used in kyudo. They are traditionally made of bamboo, but arrows made of aluminum and carbon also widely used.
  • Yagoe (矢声?) - A shout of fighting spirit an archer makes when they shoot an arrow.
  • Yugaeri (弓返り?) - The rotation of the bowstring to the back of the hand when the bow rotates in one's grip after shooting an arrow.
  • Yugake (?) - A deerskin glove worn on the right hand used to protect it.
  • Yumi (?) - The bow used in kyudo. Some are made of bamboo, but students mainly use fiberglass bows. Depending on body size, there are namisun-nobi bows (221 cm), nobisun-nobi bows (227 cm), and yonsun-nobi bows (233 cm).