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Nanao Kisaragi (如月七緒, Kisaragi Nanao?) is a first-year at Kazemai High School and a member of the kyudo club. He is cousins with Kaito Onogi.

Appearance Edit

Nanao is a short teenage boy described as having an idol-like appearance. He has a small, slight physique. He has wavy, almost shoulder-length pink hair parted down the middle and large pink eyes with long eyelashes.

In the anime, his hair is spikier, shorter, less wavy and parted more to the left. Unlike the other boys, he wears a green hooded sweatshirt beneath his gakuran jacket instead of a white shirt.

Personality Edit

History Edit

Ever since he was little, Nanao has attracted many female admirers due to his looks and charisma. However, the side effect of this was that he also received many jealous attacks, so his mother and aunts decided to have Kaito act as his bodyguard. This worked well in elementary school, and though they went to separate middle schools, they were still in extracurriculars and cram school together. Some time in the past, Nanao used to go the prefectural budokan (martial arts hall) to practice kyudo by himself, and one time met with a judge's teacher, from whom he learned many things about kyudo.[1]

In high school, Nanao once again goes to the same school as Kaito.

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Trivia Edit

  • Nanao's favorite drink is soy latte. His least favorite food is gouya.[2]
  • Hobbies include games and manga. Currently, he is into collecting frog goods.[2]
  • Is a cat person.[2]
  • Likes the sea.[2]
  • If he had the chance to time-travel, he would choose to go to the future.[2]

References Edit

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