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Yuuna Hanazawa (花沢 ゆうな, Hanazawa Yūna?) is a first-year student at Kazemai High School and a member of the kyudo club.

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Yuna is stated to have a fluffy bob haircut.

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Kyudo Club Practice Edit

Yuuna is asked by Tomio Morioka, along with the other club members with kyudo experience, to try participating in the preliminaries for the Prefectural Tournament, and that he wants them all to . The leader of the girls' division, Rika Seo, is confused as to how to respond to the abruptness of this request, so Yuuna and the other girl summoned, Noa Shiragiku, speak for her. Yuuna asks Tomio if they will be good enough for the tournament by then, as it is in the middle of May. Tomio says that he had been watching them shoot and thinks that they are good at it. He asks if they want to do individual competitions as there are not enough people for team competitions. The girls consult with each other and decide to do it. [1]

New Coach Edit

When Minato Narumiya is unable to respond to Nanao Kisaragi's strange greetings, Yuuna tells him to just ignore him. This line continues in the next episode, when Nanao calls her tsundere and tries to flirt with her jokingly, to which Yuuna declares that Rika is cute than any guy in their school. Yuuna talks about how the reason why there is only three girls left in the club because the girls from the Nanao Fan Club were barging in, wanting to get a head start, so they had to be kicked out. She laments that even though Tomio is teaching so politely, the situation really is pitiful. [2]

Relationships Edit

  • Rika Seo - Yuuna admires Rika greatly and thinks of her as the best archer among the girls.
  • Nanao Kisaragi - Like Noa, Yuuna can often be seen clashes with Nanao because of his narcissism and playful attitude towards Rika. However, random scenes show that they still get along well.

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  1. Tsurune Volume 1, Chapter 2
  2. Tsurune Volume 1, Chapter 3

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